Benefits of chiropractic care for the young and old

By Dr. Josée Gerard, Certified Animal Chiropractor

As pet guardians know, puppies and kittens are fast growing, love to run and play, and spend lots of time rough-housing. Chiropractic care during this stage in their lives can be beneficial to achieve proper bone and joint development, as well as help them reach their optimal health potential.

They change so much in their first few months of life, giving them a head start towards great health is vitally important and can improve the health they experience throughout their life. This is especially true of breeds that are known to have certain health issues, as well as fast growing breeds. Your puppy or kitten’s growth plates (in the bones) will close at about two years of age, so it’s important they have structural alignment before this time. It is far easier to prevent a problem from happening than it is to fix it after it’s happened! 

Towards the end of your cat or dog’s life, they begin to experience some of the same problems and pains as humans do when we age. Digestion, kidney function, bladder/bowel control, arthritis, and sadly, dementia are very common. Their bodies, now more than ever, need special attention to deal with these conditions.

As the brain never loses its capacity to send healing messages to areas within the body, chiropractic adjustments can help align the structures of the spine to get those messages to the organs and tissues that need it the most.

After chiropractic adjustments, geriatric pets often begin to act as they did when they were younger. “He’s acting like a puppy again!” is something we hear a lot. Once the misalignments are adjusted, the body begins to heal and the animal can experience a respite from painful joints. They feel good, and they might respond by playing more, walking longer, tiring less easily and exhibiting happier behaviours. In the very least, chiropractic adjustments can help give them quality of life and an increased comfort level during this stage of life.