Always have a plan before setting out to train

By Brad Schneider, Canine Coach

When starting out teaching your dog something new make sure you always have a preset plan of what you are training and how to go about increasing the difficulty once your dog is ready.

For example, if you are teaching your dog to SIT, start with small piece of food in hand and move it straight overtop of your dog’s nose. As your dog follows the scent of the food it causes his bottom to drop to the floor in a SIT position.

Have five small food rewards ready and repeat the SIT exercise in sets of five. After the set, allow your dog to take a break. Do small training increments throughout the day. If your dog is “getting it” you can increase either distance that you step back from your dog or duration you get your dog to stay seated.

Always remember it’s very important not to increase DISTANCE and DURATION at the same time and training time should always be fun for you and your dog!