World-class Pet Care Centre planned for Calgary

Over the next five years, Kali’s Wish Cancer Foundation’s fundraising efforts will focus on raising money to build a world-class Pet Cancer Centre that will offer the latest in research, education and complementary healing programs for our beloved pets.  Our vision for the Kali’s Wish Pet Cancer Centre is shared in detail below.

To make your donation online to Kali’s Wish Cancer Foundation in support of the Kali’s Wish Pet Cancer Centre please call Sherry at 403-249-2233 with your credit card number. Donations are also generously accepted at all Pet Planet locations. Thank you for your support! 

Kali – Our journey begins

When Kali was diagnosed with cancer in the Spring of 2003, her family rallied around her to provide her with comfort, strength and support. They sought advice from conventional resources; their doctor, the Internet, literature, family and friends. They made her comfortable and simply loved her until she was ready to let go. Reading this you would think that Kali and her family worked through their grief in all of the traditional ways. The only problem was — Kali was a dog.

When Kali’s family reached out, looking for ways to deal with her illness, and eventually her loss, there was nothing to grab onto. There were no resources to help them through the grieving process. The one and only directive they were offered upon the news of her diagnosis was to euthanize her — an option that seemed completely unimaginable. Kali’s family had to grieve without support, without understanding and without comfort.

Kali’s “wish” is that this never happens again to another family. Kali’s Wish Pet Cancer Centre is her wish come true.

A Place for Hope

Our vision for Kali’s Wish Pet Cancer Centre, is a welcoming place for families to learn, make informed decisions, find comfort and remember. It will marry integrative holistic health services, education and support with a peaceful and trusting atmosphere for pets and their families.

This one-of-a-kind integrative pet cancer centre will work in collaboration with traditional and  complementary medical communities to offer both consultative and support services for families dealing with a cancer diagnosis in their pet. Our practitioners will offer families hope by assisting in the creation of personalized treatment protocols, by being a trusted advocate and by offering support through the grief of diagnosis and loss. Multiple complementary therapies including, but not limited to, nutrition therapy, homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic care and spiritual healing will be offered to improve quality of life, support the immune system and reduce any treatment-related side effects.

The centre will house a large library related to pet health and wellness — a place to learn all about pet health maintenance and disease prevention. Online tools, literature and our knowledgeable practitioners and counsellors will be readily available. Whether a family is looking for resources to prevent disease, dealing with a new diagnosis, supporting a pet through treatment programs, or grieving the loss of a beloved family member, the centre will be there beside them, every step of the way.

The Kali’s Wish Pet Cancer Centre will also be a special place for children. Whether they are learning how to become a responsible guardian to their new family pet or struggling to understand the sadness and separation associated with the loss of their pet, we will offer programs designed specifically for them. However children express themselves — through art, conversation or reading and reflection — the goal is to provide them with a comfortable place to find their strength and to build confidence in their role as a pet guardian.

Kali’s Wish Pet Cancer Centre will be a place to learn, to find comfort and to remember. It will be a welcoming place where families can trust that their feelings and emotions will be understood and will remain sacred. Most importantly, it will be a place where Kali’s “wish” will come true — the elimination of cancer in our animal companions.

On our opening day, a single paw on our wall of remembrance will mark the beginning of our journey. As pet guardians who visit Kali’s Wish Pet Cancer Centre place their own paws on the wall to memorialize lost companions, each one will join Kali on her path towards the fulfillment of her wish, aligning them in a promise to be as much of a guardian to us as we were to them.

Kali’s Wish Pet Cancer Centre — A place for hope.