Miracle plant heals pets from the inside out

0614melissasaloepicBy Sherry Warner

You could say that the vision for Melissa’s Aloe-Pet was heaven sent — literally. Twenty years ago company founder, Ted Kassay, now in his 80s, was selling organic aloe vera juice in the Carolinas, south of the border. He knew the healing properties of this succulent plant but was searching for answers as to whether or not he was on the right path to helping people with his product.

One night before bed, he opened up a book he had picked up at church and it said: “Heal my children.” He fell asleep and had a vision — rows of aloe, rows of flax seed and chicken feeding.

“If you ever meet my grandfather, he will tell you that there is a big difference between a dream and a vision,” says Melissa Plati, co-owner along with her mother, Michele Fortuna, of Melissa’s Aloe-Pet. “A dream is something in passing that you can get your mind to remember but a vision is something startling that is as clear as when it happened, which you will remember for a lifetime.”

Ted took this vision as a sign that he was to heal all children, not just people but pets as well. The rest, as they say, is history. Melissa’s Aloe-Pet produces a daily supplement made with organic aloe vera, flax seed extract and beef stock.

The label may be different but Ted’s vision of the company is in tact: to heal animals from the inside out, boost their immune system and help them live healthier, happier lives, says Melissa, who, along with her mother, took the reins from Ted three and a half years ago.

“When I tell people about the healing properties of aloe vera, they always look at me and tilt their head,” says Melissa. “It’s considered a miracle plant because of the amount of things it can do and what it has in it.”

Aloe vera contains 25 vitamins and minerals as well as your daily requirement of amino acids in under 2 oz. (depending on how it’s processed). When added daily to your pet’s food, Melissa’s Aloe-Pet helps turn food into fuel, creating overall good health. It’s formulated with nutrients that help ease the discomfort associated with itchy skin, arthritis and allergies. It can also be applied topically for immediate relief from skin irritations.

Aloe vera has three layers: the thick, green outer rind, the gel and the yellow sap, called aloin, in between the gel and outer rind. Both the outer rind and gel are used in processing products — aloin is removed. “We have been certified organic in our fields and in our plant for over 35 years,” says Melissa. “We like to say that we were organic before it was cool to be organic.”

Melissa explains that the company originally started with products for people but people were flocking to the product for pets because they won’t hesitate to spend $20 on their pet but will think twice about paying for their own health. “Now we are seeing it come full circle,” she says.

“When pet parents start using Aloe-Pet and see amazing results they then think: ‘I have allergies, I don’t feel well, my digestive tract isn’t doing well and I’m feeling tired and sluggish — what about me?’”

The answer is a whole line of products for people, sold under the label, Melissa’s Aloe. For more information about products for pets and people visit www.melissasaloe.com.