Pound Rescue

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Box 1446
Okotoks, AB
T: (403) 938-4890
W: www.poundrescue.com
E: Gabriele@poundrescue.com


Pound Rescue is a registered charity devoted to helping lost and abandoned animals to either be reunited with their owners or find new homes. We are a volunteer-run organization that receives no funding. We rely on donations and public support to continue our work. We do not have a facility, but rather a network of dedicated foster families who take rescued animals into their homes. This year, we began a campaign to raise money to build a shelter and sanctuary for our rescued animals and hope to achieve this goal in the next five years.

We are a NO-KILL organization with over 200 animals in our care at any given time. These animals come from the streets of various communities, owner surrenders and other rescue groups we work with. Many of them have severe medical issues that need to be addressed or they need to be socialized before they can be adopted. Some of them may never be considered adoptable and will remain in long-term foster care. We assume the responsibility for all of our animals for the rest of their lives and we will keep them for however long it takes to find their forever homes. We will not euthanize to make room for new intakes.

We are advocates of spaying and neutering. We try to educate the public about the importance of this issue. To prevent more unwanted pets, we also provide subsidies to low-income pet owners for spay and neuter surgeries as well as conducting free spay and neuter clinics several times each year.

We promote compassion toward all animals. We work with First Nations people to help improve the lives of animals on reservations. Over the years we have not just rescued cats and dogs, but also countless caged animals such as rabbits and hamsters, birds, reptiles and several farm animals such as cows, horses and pigs who were in dire need of our help.

We have also run a service for lost and found animals in our local community for many years, which has resulted in many hundreds of animals being happily reunited with their families.