Pitbulls for Life Foundation of Alberta

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Box 3608
Spruce Grove, AB
T7X 3A8
T: (780) 968-7757
W: www.pitbullsforlife.com

Pit Bulls for Life is a not-for-profit foundation dedicated to assisting in the rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing of unwanted and abandoned Pit Bulls and other Pit Bull-type breeds from shelters, veterinary surrenders and animal controls in and around Alberta. Pit Bulls for Life takes pride in knowing that all dogs adopted have absolutely NO human aggression and have little to no animal aggression. All dogs and potential adopters are carefully screened to ensure that dogs are placed in their forever homes.

Our overall goal is to save as many unwanted and abandoned Pit Bulls as our program will allow. We can do this through increasing foster homes, volunteer base, advertising our dogs, and implemented a successful adoption program.

Our adoption protocol is very stringent; designed to be a lengthy process to ensure that all new dogs placed in the home are going to be in the same home for the lifetime of the newly adopted family member. The process starts by the potential adopter filling out an adoption questionnaire, followed by a telephone interview, home check and meeting the foster dog in his/her environment with the family and all its members present. If we feel the dog is not a suitable match then we will recommend another dog in our program or keep them on a waiting list for a potential adoption in the near future. If this is not possible at the time of the application we will recommend another rescue to them.

Our foster homes are the most important aspect of our rescue because they are the ones that spend countless hours rehabilitating and loving their foster dog, making him or her more adoptable. We provide our foster homes with full coverage of any veterinarian care that is needed during the foster dogs stay as well as a kennel that we receive through donations. We also work closely with local behaviourists who offer their assistance at discounted prices. Our foster homes are located all over Alberta and we have many volunteers spread throughout Alberta to support in the interview process and home checks.

The foundation is completely volunteer-based and relies heavily on these volunteers, foster homes and donations. As we do not have a shelter for our rescued pit bulls we are limited to the number of dogs we are able to take in at any one time. Our volunteers are a vital part of this foundation. They selflessly help wherever they are needed for the love of the breed. They ask for nothing in return but the satisfaction in knowing they have made a difference in saving the life of even one pit bull. Without our volunteers we would not have been able to save over 450 lives in the past eight years.