Grand Prairie & District SPCA

GPspcaContact information:
12220 – 104 Ave.
Grande Prairie, AB
T: (780) 538-4030

Grande Prairie & District SPCA is a maximum adoption facility that’s served the community for close to three decades. Our SPCA has a mission to save the lives of unwanted and abandoned companion animals. To this end, we take in more than 2,000 dogs, cats, and small animals each year, providing them with a safe haven until they are adopted into loving forever homes.

Our SPCA is a privately managed and funded not-for-profit organization registered under the Alberta Societies Act. We have our own board of directors, and our own policies and best practices. We receive no funding from any other humane society.

Our annual operating budget is approximately $1.5 million. The majority of this funding is accomplished through community donations and support of our fundraising activities. Our largest annual expense is the employment of 32 staff members — most of whom work in the area of animal care — followed by medications, veterinary care, and cleaning supplies unique to and necessary for an animal shelter environment.

Grande Prairie & District SPCA accepts stray and owner-surrendered animals from the City of Grande Prairie, the County of Grande Prairie and neighbouring municipalities, turning away owner-surrender requests only when we have surpassed maximum capacity. Our SPCA humanely euthanizes only when quality of life or public safety are concerns. Our rate of euthanasia currently sits at below 10 per cent.

We have fee-for-service contracts with both the City and the County to care for all impounded animals. An animal admitted to our facility is first impounded and a hold is placed in accordance with by-laws. After vaccinations are given and medical and behavioural assessments are concluded during the holding period, the decision is made to move the pet to the SPCA adoption floor, to wait until medical treatment is concluded, or to humanely euthanize.

Our SPCA’s volunteer program sees over 100 active volunteers walking dogs, socializing cats, assisting with special events and administration, and more. Volunteers are absolutely essential to our organization; they fulfill necessary and important roles which cannot be provided for by our limited resources.

Part of our SPCA’s mandate is to educate the community about the value of all living beings; reaching children at an early age to talk about compassion, respect, and responsibility. This helps decrease the likelihood of these children abusing animals and/or humans when they reach adulthood. We offer week-long summer day camp and birthday party programs with this humane education component, and we deliver educational presentations to schools and children’s groups at no cost.

Grande Prairie & District SPCA offers a safe-keeping program for pets of women fleeing domestic violence, individuals facing hospitalization, and families dealing with life transitions such as temporary homelessness. This referral-based service is offered free of charge.

We are continually implementing new ideas that benefit the public and assist in revenue generation for our organization. Pet first aid courses, dog training classes, and microchip clinics are some of our recently added initiatives. We also hold adoption promotions on a regular basis.