Birdline Canada Parrot Rescue

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Jesse is a 37-year-old wild caught Cayman Parrot also known as a Cuban Amazon.

Jesse is a 37-year-old wild caught Cayman Parrot also known as a Cuban Amazon.

Birdline Canada is a not-for-profit parrot rescue located in Calgary AB. Birdline does not have a facility so all parrots live in foster homes throughout the city until permanent homes are found. Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, re-home and educate.

Birdline takes in abused, neglected, unwanted and displaced exotic parrots of all species. The most common reasons people have for surrendering their parrots are negative behaviours, moving, new baby and noise. We work with these birds in many ways to reintegrate them into loving homes. This may include dietary changes, solving behavioural issues and at times, medical intervention.

We also do behaviour consultations in parrot guardians’ homes. We work very hard to keep parrots in their current homes by helping guardians change negative behaviours in their parrot through modifications to things such as diet, cage and sleep patterns.

We operate strictly on donations, fundraising via an Avian First Aid Course through our vet, barbecues and bottle drives and just recently, we started adoptathons through Pet Valu stores.

We also offer educational speaking engagements to various groups and share the “real” truths of parrot ownership, or as we like to phrase it — guardianship.

Many people are simply not aware that parrots experience the same levels of neglect, abuse and injustices that are afflicted upon our domestic pets, and unfortunately there are not many places for them to go. With respect to domestic pets, there are numerous rescue organizations and shelters throughout Calgary and the province. In the avian community, we are currently the only registered charitable organization.

At this time, we currently have close to 40 parrots in our home and in foster care with a waiting list to accept more owner surrenders, mostly due to behavioural issues and guardians who are fed up and just can’t handle their parrots anymore. Unfortunately, this is a very sad reality for many parrots.

We do not condone breeding or pet store sales of live animals with the exception of remote adoption centres with animals from rescue organizations.