Kali’s Wish Cancer Foundation set to launch new website

By Sherry Warner

Over the past several years, Kali’s Wish Cancer Foundation has been focused on generating awareness into the causes of animal cancers; available conventional and alternative treatment options; and ways to prevent cancer in our animal companions.

While we recognize that awareness plays a role in fighting this disease, we see a more immediate need — to make a concerted effort to help families understand the nature of pet cancer and its prevention as well as offering support to families caring for a pet with cancer through every stage of their journey including diagnosis, treatment, survival and/or loss.

With that in mind, our mission for 2015 is to develop a new, comprehensive website you can trust as a credible source of pet cancer-related information and resources, then take that information and resources on the road and into your community with our mobile pet cancer centre. Money raised during the year will help fund both the development of the website and the mobile pet cancer centre.

The new website, slated to launch in May, will roll out in stages during the rest of the year. When complete it will include lots of information about how to prevent cancer; common types of pet cancers; conventional treatment options and complementary therapies; frequently asked questions about pet cancer; and information about pet loss along with a Directory of Veterinarians and Complementary Therapy Practitioners.

Whatever pet cancer-related information or resources you’re looking for — such as healthy pet food choices to help prevent cancer; recipes for eco-friendly cleaning products; the difference between chemo and radiation therapy; where to find a veterinary oncologist in your area; or how do help your child cope with the loss of a pet — we can help.

And, you can be sure that all the information you read on our website has been gleaned from trusted sources and/or vetted through our Editorial Advisory Panel — a group of veterinarians, veterinary oncologists and complementary therapy practitioners — to ensure its accuracy and relevancy.


Once the website is up and running, we will move on to the next phase of our plan, launching the mobile pet cancer centre along with a schedule of events where you can find us in your community.

Please help us become the trusted source of pet cancer-related information and resources so we can support families faced with a cancer diagnosis in their pet and help prevent this dreaded disease.

To donate or become a Kali’s Wish sponsor for our website and/or our Mobile Pet Cancer Centre, please call 403-249-2233 or email kaliswish@shaw.ca.