Do you think you have the greatest pet in the world?

We know you’re passionate about your pets
and we want everyone to meet them!

 And who knows — your pet might become our next Pet Pin-up!

Group of pets together isolated on white

Let’s celebrate your pet!

Here’s how:

Send us a photo (jpg please) of your furry family member (we don’t mind if you and your family are in the photo too!) to

Along with the photo include a short paragraph or poem (up to 200 words) describing what makes your pet special. Remember to include your pet’s name.

Submissions will be included on and on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Watch for regular posts of “The Family Pet” starting soon!

Here are some samples of what people are sending in (this is my dog Sammy):



Sammy is a five-year-old Maltese who is attached to my hip. Sammy rests (or should I say sleeps) patiently in his bed while I work at my desk. He is very clever, telling me what he wants with a specific bark for “hungry” or “potty break.” His favourite toy is a tire, from a Lego car, that he whips around the house like a frisbee. Who can resist cuddling this sweet boy?




TFPcupcakeOne day we were sledding and we heard some loud yowling. We ignored it at first but it was very persistent so we investigated. A skinny cat with a terrified look in her green eyes was lying on the ground. We live in the country where people dump lots of cats. There are coyotes and other wildlife around, so she was lucky she had survived that long.

We took her to the vet. They said she was two years old, only four pounds and probably wouldn’t live. But we took her home anyway, kept her in our room away from our other cats and she just lay on the heat vent and ate … for two months. Now she lives a happy life inside with two other cats and loves lying in front of the fire. We named her Cupcake because the day we found her our Dad was making cupcakes for our birthday the next day. We’ve now had her for two years.

—Becky and Sarah, age 11


TFPHankThis is Hank!

Hank is a four-year-old Lab Cross who gave me a new “leash” on life. Despite his quirks (fear of floors/stairs) he is a fun, outgoing, happy and loving soul! He’s a popular regular at a couple of the local off leash parks with the reputation of both Park Pick Pocket and Park Branch Manager, and always makes sure that everyone there, especially kids, have a chance to throw his ball for him.