Current Issue

With the Spring 2016 issue of Citizen Pet, we are heading in a new direction with our editorial. In addition to stories about how to help keep your pets healthy and happy, we’ll bring you news, information and resources with respect to pet cancer.

Throughout the year, we will include information in every issue about how to help keep your pets cancer-free with stories about prevention, conventional and complementary treatment options, promising research, advances in veterinary oncology, pet loss support and profiles about organizations that are there to help guardians deal with a cancer diagnosis in their pet.

Cancer is a scary word but it doesn’t have to be. There are many things we can do to help prevent cancer in our animal companions. In this issue we look at the Top 5 ways to help prevent pet cancer: feeding quality pet food, maintaining a healthy weight, getting enough exercise, visiting the vet regularly and creating an eco-friendly living environment.

For more information about pet cancer, please visit the Kali’s Wish Cancer Foundation website at