Baby it’s cold outside

The Calgary Humane Society offers these safety tips during cold weather:

  • Have a dog that still wants to brave the cold? Try going for a couple shorter walks rather than one long one. Bundle small dogs up in a sweater or coat and boots.
  • Keep cats indoors! It’s dangerous for an indoor cat to be outdoors any time of the year, but in weather like this, it’s deadly. Bang on the hood of your car to scare any strays out.
  • A weather appropriate do! Is Fido a regular at the doggy spa? Consider leaving his coat a bit longer for the winter. It may mean more maintenance for you, but a warm coat is important during wintery weather!
  • Don’t leave your pet in the car — it’s cold.
  • Antifreeze is lethal. Keep away from all pets.
  • Use common sense. Huskies can be out longer than Chihuahuas. While CHS does not support dogs as strictly outdoor pets, if ou must keep your dog outside, adequate (preferably raised and heated) shelter must be provided. Fresh water must also be readily available. If your dog is found without adequate shelter in cold weather, it may be seized.