Kali’s Wish Cancer Foundation

As the voice of Kali’s Wish Cancer Foundation — a non-profit fundraising organization dedicated to eliminating cancer in our animal companions — Citizen Pet shares in every issue, stories about how to help keep our pets cancer free and sources advertisers of quality products and services that help pet guardians achieve this goal.

Citizen Pet also donates a portion of its advertising revenue, each issue, to Kali’s Wish in support of a specific project. Visit www.kaliswish.com for more information and ways you can help.

Kali’s Wish Cancer Foundation is dedicated to actively pursuing ways to help eliminate cancer in our animal companions by funding research into select focus areas including the causes of animal cancers; new conventional and alternative treatment options; the relationship between genetics and animal cancers; and ways to prevent cancer in our animal companions.

The foundation also provides education and awareness programs along with up-to-date information on its website about animal cancers, how to prevent cancer in our animal companions, available conventional and alternative treatment options, treatment facilities in Alberta and across the country as well as support to families dealing with pets who have cancer.