About Us

When we began publishing Citizen Pet & Equine nine years ago, our focus was on celebrating life with our animal companions and educating our readers about how to best care for their pets.

Today our focus hasn’t changed all that much. We still share stories about people’s experiences with their animal companions and include educational articles about current topics of interest such as pet food, treats and supplements, acquiring a pet, animal advocacy, alternative therapies, holistic pet care and training methods to name a few.

As of the Winter 2013 issue, Citizen Pet & Equine became the voice of Kali’s Wish Cancer Foundation. The cancer statistics for pets are frightening. Cancer is the No. 1 killer in both dogs and cats, making it a top health concern among pet guardians.

As the voice of Kali’s Wish Cancer foundation, Citizen Pet & Equine shares, in every issue, stories about how to help keep our pets cancer free by including information about topics such as animal cancer prevention, types and causes of animal cancers, traditional and complementary treatment options, the latest news on animal cancer research, pet loss support and healthy living environments.

We hope this new area of focus will help you keep your pets as healthy and happy as possible for as long as they are with you.

Sherry Warner